Eviction Services for Landlords

The law is not only slanted toward the tenant, but it is outright protective of tenants that are costing you money!  They have many rights, you do not, and the law allows them to remain on your property during the eviction process.  This could means months of tenants not paying rent and destroying your property.  Do not delay beginning the eviction process.  most tenants do not change their behavior and if you think you should evict the tenant it is often in your best interest to follow through.  Some tenants just need a little help and understanding and it is a great outcome when we can work together to keep a good tenant, but overwhelmingly this is not how evictions work out.

Evictions require that you follow a very-specific process.  If you do not follow the process and if your paperwork is not precisely correct, then you risk having the eviction tossed out and starting the process all over again.  Having the right attorney may cost more up front, but in most cases it also saves you money overall by removing the tenant sooner.

Eviction Process

The biggest thing to remember is that the Eviction process is extremely particular.  If you fail to dot an "i" or cross a "t" you risk the case getting tossed out, and then you have to start all over again.  If you lose your case because of our error, we will handle the entire process again at no cost to you.  We are confident that we can get the tenant evicted on the first try.